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Planet Bike BRT-Spot

Planet Bike BRT-Spot

Price: $12.00
Weight: 1.00 pounds
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H2O Packs >> I just need a light, you say. I dont need some super expensive, burns forever light that can be seen from outer space. I just dont want the cops to pull me over anymore.

OK. Planet Bikes BRT-Spot is just the thing for you, we answer. PBs inexpensive yet trusty tool will keep that road lighted up and the law off your back.

Super-bright LEDs are visible from up to 2,000 feet and 220 degrees. The two N batteries included give 100 hours of burn time. PB also throws in the mounting bracket. All this fits in an ultra-compact package that weighs a miniscule 1 ounce.

You have now seen the light.

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