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TP Massage Starter Pack

TP Massage Starter Pack

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The starter set includes the TP Massage Ball, Footballer, Baller Block and a DVD explaining how to use the product. Comes in convenient net bag for travel and storage. So, why use this product? Read on.

The TP Massage Ball™, TP Massage FootBaller, and TP Massage QuadBaller’s dense materials mirror the feeling imparted by an actual thumb and change shape after five to seven seconds of pressure. Rather than using a device filled with air like a tennis ball, which will collapse and thus fail to penetrate the nucleus of the muscle, or using a device made of a hard material such as plastic or wood, which will be traumatic to the muscle and cause more damage, the TP Massage Ball™, TP Massage FootBaller™, and TP Massage QuadBaller are able to penetrate the belly of the muscle safely and effectively.

Once the pressure is applied and the user takes a deep breath, the trigger point of the targeted muscle is forced to relax, and the spasm is relieved. It is only necessary to use each device in each targeted muscle group for about three to five minutes. This treatment is recommended before and after workouts and races and prior to stretching. Athletes tend to overdo things. That’s what gets them into the painful situation in the first place. Moderation is the key.

These products are not just for athletes. Muscles become fatigued when sitting in front of a computer or working around the house. Any stress on muscles cause damage. Stress can be from too much weight, like a laundry basket, or overworking the muscles without proper rest. The applications are the same.

+ While Trigger Point products can help overcome some injuries, aches and pains, it is not guaranteed to do so.

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