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Continental Gatorskin

Continental Gatorskin

Code: Conti_UltGat
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Tires >> Continentalís has utilized carbon black compound and DuraSkin fabric to create one of the best puncture-resistant tires out there. Continental's patented polyamide layer provides excellent sidewall protection without adding extra weight or compromising supple ride quality. For added protection, Continental tossed in a Kevlar layer directly under the tread for near-bullettproof flat resistance.

DuraSkin protects the extra-fine, high-performance casing from cuts, punctures and abrasion. Whatís more, Continentalís proprietary production process applies the DuraSkin fabric to only the exposed sidewall, accounting for only 10 grams of added weight. All told, weíre talking about a mere 220 grams.

If thatís not enough to get your motor running, then consider how the Ultra GatorSkinís durable outer layer grabs the road, providing terrific stability whether on the commute or in the lead group. That should seal the deal.

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