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A full-line triathlon retail shop and online store located in Scottsdale, Arizona

The key to being comfortable and happy on your bike is all about getting the proper size and the right fit.That's why we guarantee you'll be happy with both when you buy a bike from us. We'll never try to force-fit you to a bike because that's the only size available on the sales floor. We believe that it's better to miss a sale than have a customer buy a bike that just doesn't work for him or her. But frame size is just the first part of the Fit Right equation.

In days past, bike riders looked for little more than a slight bend in the knee to guage the accuracy of a fit. Luckily, decades of study, analysis and innovation have given bike fitters plenty of tools to get the right fit. We take into account everything from wieght to body proportion to leg length discrepancy and beyond. We measure, adjust and measure again in a rider-directed process to determine a nice balance between comfort and performance. We conduct follow-up fits as needed to fine tune in-shop adjustments after the rider hits the road. In the end, you will be Fit Right - guranteed.

We believe that cyclists are happier when their bikes are running in top condition. That's why we help keep the bike you bought from us tuned up at no cost for an entire year. Looking for a pre-race clean and lube? Done. Cables need adjusting? No problem. Just bring in your ride and we'll take care of the rest - free.

Buying a new bike is an awesome experience. But in many cases, shelling out your hard-earned dough for that flashy ride is only the beginning. Shoes and pedals, computer, hydration kits, bags, bottles - the list of options and accessories goes on and on. That's why we try to make it easier on your wallet with a 15 percent discount on accessories for 30 days after you buy your bike. While there are some limitations - such as the exclusion of sale items - most accessories can be bought with this great deal. It's just another way we're working hard to make you happy.

We love our customers. That's why we're so serious about making you happy. We never make you feel as though we're doing you a favor by talking to you about the products we sell. We do not talk down to our customers. There are no dumb questions here. There is no hard sell. We love the person spending $1.50 on a gel just as much as the one buying a $2000 bike package. Advice is always free. And our customers are always treated with respect and appreciation.
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