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So, you're new to triathlon and you've got questions. OK, make that lots of questions. Or maybe you've got a question about a product. Perhaps you're looking for personalized advice not easily found in the ether. All of that is understandable. Bringing together three sports at one time produces about 300 percent more questions than you might find in single discipline sports, according to a recent survey of beginner triathletes. All kidding aside, we're here to help.

If you haven't yet checked out our TRI 101 primer, do so. It will answer many of your questions about equipment and triathlon procedures. If you have questions about your order, head over to our help page where your answer may already be waiting. If it's not, use the form on that page to ask your question. After looking through all of that information and your question still hasn't been answered, what makes you think we're going to know what you're talking about? Boy, we are funny, eh?

In any event, use the form below to ask your questions. We'll try to answer them as quickly as possible. Be sure to include your email if you want a personal response. Otherwise, your answer will be posted here along with those we put together for other folks. Don't worry, we won't post anything that identifies you. Thanks for playing along.

Ask a question below (please include email for personal response):


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