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Privacy & Security at Triple Sports Online Triathlon Store Scottsdale, Arizona
Privacy and Security policy at Triple Sports Online store

privacy and security

Triple Sports is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. We make every effort to safeguard personal and financial information delivered to us. For further details, please read on.

Why do you need my information?

The Triple Sports Web site allows customers such as yourself to buy great products from us regardless of where you live. Doing so, however, requires that we obtain personal and financial information from you - something we take very seriously.

We use email addresses, mailing addresses, credit or debit card information and other such important data to process your order and get it out to you as quickly as possible. The folks at Triple Sports also need to know how to get a hold of you in the unlikely event we have trouble sealing the deal. But fear not about your privacy. We do not engage in unseemly marketing efforts. And we take extraordinary steps to stop financial fraud.

Didn't you just say something about marketing? Why did I get an email then?

We are a business. We provide customers with items we think they need or want. Many of our customers enjoy receiving friendly reminders about sales or promotional events. But some do not. Please drop us a line at info@triplesportsonline.com or 480-994-1174 if you do not want to receive an occasional notice from us.

So, how do you protect me?

We here at Triple Sports are just as worried as you about what happens to personal information. Therefore, what you tell us is only handled by our owners. Additionally, we cross-shred any private information that made it to hard copy while processing your order. We do not sell or distribute your information. Nor do we have affiliate companies with whom we share things about you.

Triple Sports also uses thawte Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, to offer secure, encrypted communications between you, the customer, and us, Triple Sports. thawte has checked and verified our registration documents as well as our domain name. It is always wise to check a site's certificate before entering any sensitive information. One more thing, we will at times ask our in-store customers to show valid photo identification when making credit or debit card purchases. While doing so is an inconvenience for you and us, it could very well help prevent identity theft and financial fraud.

What's the bottom line, here?

The truth of the matter is that you get great products from a shop run by people like you. Your transactions and all the information attached to them are kept in strict confidence. Now, quit reading this mumbo jumbo and get out there to swim, bike, run, walk or tri.

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