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Finis Lap Track

Finis Lap Track

Price: $67.49
Weight: 2.00 pounds
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Lap Track offers excellent feedback during your workouts. It's a personal underwater clock that counts the number of laps you swim, records the time it took to complete each lap, your total time and an estimate of the amount of calories burned. Simply press the Lap Track to start and again each time you complete a lap and the Lap Track will do the rest. Each time the Lap Track is pressed, your split time will be displayed for 5 seconds so you can check your times as you swim. The entire Lap Track is a button, so you wont need to worry about slowing down to press any small buttons.

The Lap Track allows a swimmer to keep track of laps, split times and calories burnt all while continuously swimming. The Lap Track also has a lap count down feature, which allows you to set the amount of lap you wish to swim, then the Lap Track will count down your laps until you reach zero. This feature is especially useful for swimmers using the SwiMP3. Now you can finish your workout without ever giving a though to how much longer you have to swim, or have far you have gone. The Lap Track can attach to the side of your pool using the suction pads, or if your pool does not have a smooth surface you can use the extending arm to hang the Lap Track in your pool.

  • One Lap Track
  • Suction Pads
  • Detachable Extending Arm.
  • Carrying Case

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