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Team Triple Sports - About The Team

We are athletes.
We are friends.
We are a team.

The valley has a new triathlon team that is quickly gaining momentum, adding amazing members, and already making an impact in the valley's triathlon scene. Formed in 2007 and now partnered with Triple Sports, Team Triple Sports is making their presence in the triathlon scene known by the distinguishing style and flavor of their organization: a triathlon "club" that focuses on friends, fitness, and the attainment of personal goals. The group ranges from beginner to Kona class, includes several USAT certified coaches and is looking for more individuals who are interested in exploring or continuing in the great sport of triathlon.

Being a member of Team Triple Sports has great benefits to you:

  1. Friendship. We believe that a club with a strong base trains strong, races strong, and grows in more ways that shaving time off a race.
  2. Athletes. The focus of the team is to push ourselves and attain our personal goals and aspirations. We have casual-first time members and hard-core Kona bound rockstars. If you are looking for a place to get your feet wet, progress, or maintain your peak performance level…Team Triple Sports is it.
  3. Team. We work hard, together. We train as a team. Granted, we have valuable members from all abilities…and that is the plus. You can find someone to partner with and push yourself to the next level of success. We support each other and our advancement of our personal goals and aspirations. Friendship plus athletics equals a team.

We would enjoy having you as a valuable member of Team Triple Sports!

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