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T2 is usually the faster of the two transitions. There will be a dismount zone before you reach the transition area. Volunteers instruct you on where to get off the bike. Bikes are sent back to the rack and it's off to the run course through the transition area's run exit.

During most events, iPods or other music players and radios are not allowed. This includes on the run. While some events have become more tolerant of earbud use during the run, it's best to check with the race director before using one. Music players are off limits for the bike leg.

Soon enough the finish line will be in sight. You will have completed your first triathlon ... and live to tell about it.

"But, but, but ... what about all the stuff?" You ask. To which we reply: What stuff? Oh yeah, all the stuff we sell in the store. We thought you were talking about, oh, forget it. You're right. The supply of triathlon gear and apparel can be extensive. Don't let it scare you off, though. Because the good news is you really don't need all that stuff. Yep, you heard us right - You don't need it. Read on, dear pupil.

We've told customers from the day we opened that finishing a triathlon doesn't mean breaking the bank. Any fit person could go out and do a triathlon today with little more than cut-offs and a borrowed bike. Like any sport, though, having the right equipment makes it all the more fun. That still doesn't mean buying a $2,000 tri bike, race wheels and the whole nine yards. Want some advice? Sure you do. That's why you came by in the first place, right?

Do yourself a favor and buy a decent pair of tri shorts and a racebelt. If you're feeling rich, throw down on some elastic shoelaces. Out the door, you're looking at shelling out around $70-$80, which is probably about what you paid for that tri you signed up for after a couple of glasses of wine. "What about a bike? I don't have one," you say. Have any friends? Your cheapskate brother-in-law have an old mountain bike in his garage? Plain and simple, borrow one. And before you start panicking, you have got to own a pair of sneakers. My goodness.

OK. We agree. That was a bit smart-alecky. But we're just trying to keep it light. This is triathlon after all. In the coming pages we'll talk more about equipment, bikes, training and clothes. In fact, apparel is up next. Click the right arrow below and enjoy.

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