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What about a trisuit or one-piece?

The trisuit, tri-suit, tri suit, triathlon suit, one-piece, unitard ... is another clothing option. By and large, tri shorts and separate tops are most popular. They offer versatility, allowing someone to wear different top-bottom combinations. One part also can be replaced if damaged or worn whereas a whole trisuit has to be replaced if the bottoms wear out. Additionaly, using the restroom can be a challenge (for women, especially, because of the built-in support) while wearing a trisuit. That said, it's a great and preferred option for many people.

Some folks like the compressed feel of trisuits. It offers a sort of completely held together feel, they say. Trisuits also do not separate like two individual pieces,

keeping that gut from being exposed to your adoring fans. That connectedness also means they can offer a little less drag in the water. Thus, trisuits can be particularly good for pool and non-wetsuit swims.

Do I wear underwear?

Most people do not.

My coach, brother, priest ...said I shouldn't wear socks. Should I?

This is a personal choice. Some people say putting on socks - either in T1 or T2 - is a waste of time. For others, sockless endeavors lead to blistered feet and generally slower rides and runs. Can the time it takes to put on socks make a difference? Yes. Seconds matter sometimes when it comes to overall wins and age group placing.

It's usually about this point people say: "Well, I'm not trying to win." In that case, put on the socks if it makes you feel better. If you have calloused, leathery feet that could walk a mile over hot coals without difficulty, then forget about it. Like we said, it's a personal decision to which there is no right or wrong answer.

Are there ways to put on socks faster?

Yes. If you're going to wear socks, getting into them can be a challenge when you're wet. One solution is to put baby powder in your socks to limit the sticking points. Another way is to wipe off your feet with a small towel.

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