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Sable Goggles: Superior Water Optics. triathlon Wetsuits On Sale Now

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Plenty of people come to triathlon from cycling. But many people do not. This means that the idea of locking your feet to the bike can be a bit intimidating. If that's the case, don't do it. Wear your running shoes and use good old fashion toe clips or ride regular platform pedals.

What's the deal with goggles?

There's no deal. They're just goggles. Goggles come in many varieties. In fact, it seems like new manufacturers are turning up everyday. But there really isn't much too these things.

Goggles are mostly made from plastics and silicone. Most have silicone gaskets, which allows for a nice seal around your eye socket to keep water out. Some have more of a cupped eyepiece, while others have lenses that lay flatter. Some have a sort of pully strap system while others use a type of tab-lock mechanism. And then there are the masks.

We get asked about these all the time. Masks offer a nice seal while minimizing a lot of the pressure smaller goggles can bring to the face. They offer a wider field of vision and often are preferred for open-water swimming or racing. Keep in mind that these are not the huge snorkle masks you used to bring to the Holiday Inn pool during summer vacation. While some are bigger than others, most made for endurance swimming trend toward a lower profile design.

What about fogging?

Moisture causes fogging. While your goggles might not leak, water vapor from sweat

or moist skin coats the interior of the lens, making it tough to see. Goggles fog up. Period. There is no sure-fire way to avoid it. Most goggles come from the manufacturer with an anti-fog coating. That lasts for a few months, depending on the amount of swimming you might doing. Goggle makers have anti-fog spray that works pretty well.

Do some goggles fog less than others?

Not really. Perhaps with the exception of Sable goggles

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