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Sable Goggles: Superior Water Optics. triathlon Wetsuits On Sale Now

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I feel helpless. Can't something be done about this?

OK. OK. Take it easy. First, it's a good idea to rinse your goggles with clean water after every use. Don't worry about drying them off. In fact, poking a towel into the lens can actually rub off some of the anti-fog coating, increasing the possibility of fogging. Try using a goggle case. It'll help keep hair and grime out of the lens cup. And try not to leave goggles in your car. Even in Minnesota (summer, of course), cars can heat up like an oven, deteriorating many aspects of your water-bound specs.

Do I need a swim cap?

In training, swim caps can be optional. Now, if you're toting around Crystal

Gayle-style locks, you'd be well advised to get a cap to reduce drag. Plus, you don't want all that mane getting sucked into the pool filter drain. Ouch!

There are really three types of swim caps: 1) Latex, 2) Silicone, 3) Lycra. Latex swim caps usually are the least expensive, but don't last as long. They can also be murder on longer hair, pulling and plucking out strands like a Colonel Sanders worker takes care of feathers. Silicone caps offer a sturdy fit and slick feel that will last and last and last. And they're a litte easier on your up-do. Lycra caps are made from fabric and seem to offer a snug, but not stiflingly tight fit.

Will my hair stay dry if I use a cap?

Your hair will stay drier. But unless you seal the thing around the base of your neck, water is getting in.

What about size?

It's not the size that matters. Most swim caps are unisex and one size.

What about on race day?

You'll get a cap at most events. Some are color coded based on your particular wave, age, gender or both. This is for organization and safety. We all know you want to start with the elites. But you're blinding yellow cap will stick out like a sore thumb. In dark water, too, lighter swim caps can be seen better.

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