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Running is simple. Right? There's no specialized equipment. A pair of shoes is about all you need. Well, shorts, shirt and, perhaps, socks can help keep you from getting tossed in the clink for indecent exposure. But you get the gist of what we're saying, here. And unlike the bike there aren't a ton of rules of which to run afoul. But there a couple.

Litter: We just talked about this on the bike. Same is true on the run. Don't do it. It's tough enough volunteering. Having to sift through the bushes to pull out your sticky gel packet isn't a welcome task. Save your trash for aid stations.

Stay The Course: Do not cut corners or take short cuts. Like your mother used to say: You're only cheating yourself. Another element to this point is knowing the course. It is your obligation to know where the course will take you. Cones, signs and volunteers can help, but might not always be visible or on hand for guidance.

Music: You're out of luck if you want Bono and the boys to keep you company during the run or any other part of the event. Music players simply are not allowed. Will you see people using them? Probably. Might they be assessed a time penalty? Perhaps. It's sort of a silly rule for the run. The bike, we can understand. But all in all, it's a safety thing. And around USA Triathlon it's safety first.

With all that said, you have come to the end. Your fans and family - maybe they're one and of the same - will be cheering wildly as you plow toward the finish line. The guy on the loudspeaker will be calling out your name. The glory of it all will be almost overwhelming. Live it up. Enjoy it. Get a bagel or a beer to celebrate. And it's never too early to start thinking about the next one.

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