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Sable Goggles: Superior Water Optics. triathlon Wetsuits On Sale Now

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Goggles: For many people, goggles are the root of all evil. They leak, they fog, they suck. Right? Well, they don't have to. Goggle fit has more to do with the shape of your face. That said, find a shop (ah, hello?) that has goggles out of the package and available to try on. Most goggles come with anti-fog coating, which wears off over time. Reapply it with an aftermarket anti-fog solution. Try to keep your fingers, spit, dirt and other gunk out of the lens to help keep fogging at bay longer. A goggle case can help. Avoid the cheapos. We see lots of folks who want a new pair of goggles after first trying "a cheap pair of" they picked up from the big box retailer. Kaimans are great as are Speedo Vanquishers or Sable Goggles. But there are lots to choose from, including larger masks, which can stay on better during events.

Lens Color: Lots of folks come to us with the notion that getting a pair of clear goggles will allow them to see better in a lake, ocean, river or other open body of water. That may be true, if you happen to swim in Lake Tahoe. For the most part, though, lakes and other open water areas are cloudy. Check out our guide:
Clear: Mostly indoor, dark early morning or evening swimming.
Blue: Low light, indoor, early morning/evening, foggy or overcast.
Amber + Yellow: Same as blue, low light.
Tint: sunrise, mid-day or otherwise bright conditions.
Mirror: Very sunny, sunrise start or otherwise very bright conditions.

With that out of the way, what's left? Oh, yes, you in the back. Right, thank you. You may go back to your doodling. Swim caps. As mentioned in earlier in our course, swim caps often are provided at events for use during the event. Bring it home - your

grandkids will love it! Or use it during training. Free caps work in both situations. Still, though, we like to give you some stuff to chew on. So, here she goes:

Silicone: These caps offer durability, flexibility and a smoothness that is more comfortable than latex.
Latex: More rigid than silicone, latex caps offer utilitarian appeal and cost about four times less than silicone. Though, they wear out faster, seem to pull hair more and are not an option for those with latex allergies.
Lycra: These fabric caps can offer comfort, especially for those with very thick or extremely plentiful hair.

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