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Someone much wiser than most of us here once said: A journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step. We, of course, thought: 1,000 miles?! That's way too far. Let's just grab some Doritos, sprawl out on the sofa and get in a little Tube Time. So, we did and look at what happened to us! Just look at us! In any event, you people being the overachievers you are instead thought: Let's go! And here you are. Well, the good news is that you don't have anything close to 1,000 miles to travel and the moving you do can be done in the water, on a bike and on foot. We knew you'd be happy.

There are lots of reasons to tackle a triathlon. The challenge. The fun. Bragging rights. Tight clothes. You've always wanted to wear a racebelt. We can help.

We've included a training plan that can help prepare you for your first sprint distance triathlon. It's a 12-week program with a maximum swim of 700 meters, 12 mile bike and 30 minute run. The event you decide to do may incorporate distances different than those in the training plan. Just use this plan as a guide and modify it where necessary. That also means that you should feel free to move around the days to suit your needs.

Before you begin, consider a couple of things:

[1] Be in good health.
[2] Find a bike, but stay out of jail.
[3] Make mistakes and learn from them.

First:you should be in good enough health to be physically active in the first place. Triathlon elevates your heart rate, creating potentially dangerous conditions for some people. Just use commonsense and, if need be, get the advice of your health care provider.

Second: Don't worry too much about the bike. Cycling great Lance Armstrong said something like that and look where it got him. If you don't have a bike, borrow one from a friend, relative, neighbor, whatever. Just make sure that the person knows you are borrowing it and that before borrowing it you don't have to saw off a lock or cable. If you belong to a fitness center or gym, feel free to use the stationary bikes. They work just fine. Realize, though, that you'll need to find a bike at some point before your event arrives.

Finally: Don't get too wrapped up in this stuff. You're not training for the Olympic Trials or anything. It's supposed to be fun. Make mistakes. They help you learn.

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