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Take it easy while exiting the swim. Walk or move into a slow jog toward transition. If you're wearing a wetsuit, start getting out of it by unzipping and pulling the top down around your waist. Since you're a student of triathlon, you'll have remembered how many rows you have to pass to find your bike. Finish taking off your wetsuit at your transition area.

In transition, concentration is key. You will be all hopped up after surviving the swim. The roar of the crowd will stir emotions you never even knew existed. Revel in it, but resist the urge to throw yourself through the transition area like some kind of nut. Be deliberate. Think about what you're doing step by step.

Remove your wetsuit and set it neatly at the back of your transition area. Some folks like to lay wetsuits over the bike rack crossbar. However, this can take up lots of space and bring on the potential for damage if someone returns their bike to the rack where your wetsuit is placed.

Put on your sunglasses and helmet, making sure the strap is securely connected. Put on your race belt with your bib number already attached. Now climb into your shoes or, if you are more advanced and have practiced, take off with your shoes already connected to the bike. Walk or jog your bike to the transition area exit and across the mount line for the start of the bike leg.

Bike Mount
The start of the bike can be crowded and chaotic. Unlike you, some others are not students of triathlon and have not taken the time to put their bike in a nice, easy gear for a quick start. Other athletes can and do steer into your path as they struggle to pump their pedals to stay upright. All the excitement can also lead to tunnel vision, giving some participants the idea that they are the only ones in the event. Watch out for these folks as you wheel onto the course.

Many bike courses consist of loops to keep local road closures to a minimum. Now, you're a terrifically talented, natural athlete and all, but there might be some people out there who have been at it a little longer. Professionals at some events can occasionally completed the first loop by the time the rest of us are just beginning. Be on the lookout for these guys when wheeling onto the course. They can be coming very fast and the last thing you want to do is steer into their path.

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