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Moving from the bike to the run is generally the faster of the two transitions. For one, there's no rubber suit to remove. But there also isn't a heck of a lot of equipment needed for the last portion of the event, which makes for simpler transition.

By the second transition, or T2 as it is also known, you might be getting a little tired. The good news is that you're two-thirds of the way done. But the bad news is that your brain might be getting a little squirrely. Keep your head in the game and remember: Be quick, but deliberate.

Walk or jog your bike back to your transition area. Do you remember what row you're in? Good. We thought so. That's why you're in the front of the class and these others are, well, you get the drift. There are several ways to rack your bike.

One, by the rear of the saddle. Two, by the front of the saddle. and finally, by the handlebars. Any option will do in T2. Hey, that rhymes.

With your ride back in the stable, remove your helmet, grab a hat or visor and energy gels or food (if you need it) and head for the exit. Nope, leave the music player behind. They're off limits in any USA Triathlon event. Of course you'll want to slip into your running shoes first, if you went all Hollywood in T1 with your fancy, schmancy cycling shoes.

Unlike the bike, there aren't a ton of rules during the run. You can draft, if you think it will do you some good. Just don't step on any heels. And be careful not to go out too fast. Avoid littering, which can get you disqualified. Stay on the course and whatever you do, avoid crawling, another offense that will get you the boot. Sheesh, we sound like your junior high vice principal. Some "pal", huh?

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