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You: What's the big deal with buoyancy?
Us: Well, buoyancy floats you on the surface, which means less drag in the water. Less drag in the water means greater speed. Ain't that what we're looking for in the first place? We'll answer that for you: YES! While it varies from swimmer to swimmer, we're talking about saving as much as 10 seconds per 100 meters just by wearing a full sleeve wetsuit. Oh, now we've done it. We've opened the door to the next section.

Sleeveless Vs. Full Wetsuits

Budding triathletes wonder about this all the time. Should I get a sleeveless wetsuit or full? What about those with the short legs? The bottom line? More rubber equals more speed. You'll be faster in a full sleeve wetsuit than a sleeveless. How much faster? Generally a few seconds per 100 meters. But you'll still be plenty faster than the guy going al fresco.

Sleeveless suits have less rubber do not offer a tight seal along the side of the torso where the sleeve would go, allowing more water to get in and, thus, more drag. That said, a lot of accomplished swimmers like sleeveless suits because they can maintain a "feel" for the water. The choice really is yours to make. Keep in mind as well that Sleeveless wetsuits are a little easier to get into and exit from and can feel slightly more comfortable in warmer water. However, if the water is too warm for a full wetsuit, it's too warm for a sleeveless.

Wetsuit Rules

Now that we've got you sold on a wetsuit, you're probably wondering when you can actually use these things in a race. The official rule from USA Triathlon allows participants to wear wetsuits if the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower. From 78-84 degrees, wetsuits are allowed, but age group participants wearing one are not be eligible for prizes. Water that is above 84 degrees is way too hot for a wetsuit and they are not allowed. You'd be a piece of macaroni, buddy-boy.

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