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On the other side of the scale, wetsuits can keep you warm in pretty chilly water. How chilly? Some of our folks have swum early season in San Francisco Bay when the water temps hover in the early 50s. The bigger challenge in that is keeping your face warm. Neoprene caps can help with your head, but your face is just kind of stuck out there. Try sticking with the pool. Ah, the pool. Yes, you can use your wetsuit in a chlorine treated pool. Just rinse it out really well after each use to help prolong the life of the rubber. Okay, you get one more here: The lifespan of a wetsuit can be 5-10 years, generally speaking.

Wetsuit sizing & Fitting

After fitting countless people in triathlon wetsuits, we here at Triple Sports have learned a few things. And as is common around here, we like to pass that information along to you. This information and more, of course, is included with every online wetsuit order. If you're lucky enough to be in our town, we can help size and fit you in real life. We have done just that for hundreds of your contemporaries. In any event, read on.

When selecting a size, follow the manufacturer's guidelines using the charts provided (located near the bottom of each wetsuit product page). Each manufacturer has different guidelines. All sizes, therefore, might not be equal. Weight should be used as the primary factor in selecting a size for all brands. For example, if your weight makes you a medium but your height makes you a small, choose the medium. If you have any questions or doubts, we'd be happy to help walk you through sizing.

Wetsuits need to fit tight, very tight. If they do not, a great deal of water will pool in ill-fitting areas of the suit. You will be dragging around pockets filled with water, which will slow you down and sap your energy. We do not know of any triathlete or swimmer who wants to lose more energy in an event or in training by using a wetsuit. All you guys want speed and buoyancy, which a triathlon wetsuit provides.

So, how tight is tight? Very. Remember? Your wetsuit should be tight in the crotch. Tight like those Saturday Night Fever disco pants or the ones your old Uncle Leo wears. Remember the white belt? We do. But we digress. Putting on a wetsuit for the first time can be a bit disconcerting. You might be thinking: "Am I really supposed to swim in this thing?" Well, yeah. And you will be happy you did. So how tight is tight? Yep, very. Now you?re getting it.

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