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There, of course, is a learning curve when it comes to wearing a wetsuit. With practice getting into one comes greater comfort. For many of us, getting used to the tight fit takes time. But how tight is too tight? Okay, if you put on the wetsuit and the little vein in your forehead or the ones in your neck (like the ones that popped out of Dad when we kids did something real bad) break the skin and your face turns three shades of red, the wetsuit could be too tight. For women in particular, the neck can seem very tight. This is normal and acceptable. Well, except for that whole vein popping thing.

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Fitting Tips

1. Use Bodyglide or a similar, natural lubricant. Put it on your neck, ankles, wrists - anywhere the wetsuit might get hung up.

2. Wear socks or put a plastic grocery bag over your feet to aid in pushing the foot through the leg. Additionally, angle your foot downward while sliding it through the leg.

Work from the bottom up, pulling up on the suit from inside. The material is more durable. It's also easier to work the suit up incrementally from the bottom rather than trying to pull it up after it?s almost entirely on.

3. Pay particular attention to the fit in the crotch while pulling up the suit over your hips. The suit should fit very tight in the crotch. That allows the material to be pulled up and fit properly on your shoulders and upper torso. To do this, pull up on the inside of the suit after you've got it up around your waste. It's similar to putting on pantyhose. Just watch those fingernails. They're murder on the SCS coating.

4. Once in the suit with it zipped up, you can lean forward, pulling up on the folded material that bunches around your stomach. "Walk" that material up your chest using your thumb and forefinger. This will shift the material in place, making for a more comfortable fit.

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