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5. For additional fit in the shoulder, you or a friend can slowly pinch and move the material on the arm up and back on the shoulder. The end result will force your shoulders back slightly and offer a more comfortable fit and feel. This should feel like you're sitting up properly, just like your Mom always told you to do.

6. Take your time. While you'll want to take off the suit as fast as you can in transition, the more time you spend putting it on the better the fit and performance you'll get

7. Test out your wetsuit at least once before your event. On raceday, surrounded by dozens or even a few hundred others, panic can set in. Remember, it is all mental.

The wetsuit is your friend and will give you buoyancy. If you feel panic coming on, get to the side of the field and float on your back. Seriously, these things are like being atop an air mattress or a couple of those water noodle thingies. In the end, the more familiar you are with the wetsuit and how it works, the more comfortable you will be when you climb into the water on raceday.

This all might make more sense to the eyes. Check out this video by Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack. Brought to you by Orca Wetsuits.

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