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You've heard the stories. Maybe your buddies have even seen it in real life. Maybe you've seen it in the movies, you rascal you. But is it true? Do perfectly normal people climb into rubber suits with strangers and jump into an otherwise placid body of water? Yes. Well, except for the normal people part. It is a triathlon wetsuit and you will want one.

Triathlon wetsuits were designed for swimming. They were designed for speed and buoyancy. Yeah, yeah, they were designed for warmth, too. But who cares? This is legalized cheating we're talking about. Wetsuits give all that and, after you get used to feeling like you're being strangled, can give you a sense of comfort in the water that you might otherwise not have.

Wetsuits are made of neoprene rubber, which is cellular or contains air bubbles. This makes the material float. It is so floaty (is that a word?), in fact, that it will sit right on the water's surface even with you in it. No, we didn't mean to imply, er, oh never you mind. The inside is covered with a nylon or polyester jersey material. The outside is coated with a Super Composite Skin (SCS), making it hydrodynamic (i.e. fast in the agua). Most wetsuits have tapered legs for easier exit. Some will have small channels on the forearm for added "water purchase" with each stroke. Features vary by wetsuit as does price.

You: Speaking of price, why the heck are these things so expensive? I mean, I can go down to the local wholesale membership club and get a wetsuit for $75. You've got me spending $200 or $300 or more.

Us: Okay, settle down. We know this stuff can add up. There's no reason to get all worked up. The big difference between a wetsuit you buy at a warehouse club or big box store and the one you'll get from us is that ours are designed specifically for swimming. The less expensive models you've been eyeballing are designed to be used for activities above the surface of the water. Sure, they'll keep you warm if that Back Scratcher doesn't work out and sends you into the deep. But try swimming at length in them and feel the drag. It's really like dragging an anchor when compared to swimming in a triathlon wetsuit.

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