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What you need to know to finish a triathlon.

Things have changed some since the days of English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon. Triathlon, for one, came to be known and loved by tens of thousands of athletes around the world. But Bacon’s quote that “knowledge is power” holds the same weight today that it did when he jotted down those words in the late 16th Century. For current and aspiring triathletes, learning about the sport can lay the foundation for a lifetime of fun and fitness.

In the pages of Triple Sports Triathlon 101, you’ll find answers to the many questions swirling around the sport of triathlon. Should I wear socks? Do I need a wetsuit? What the heck do you wear? We hope to take the mystery out of triathlon for those who have never done one. And for those who have, Bill Cosby said it best: “If you’re not careful, you just might learn something. Hey, hey, hey.”




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